Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Job interview again

I've probably mentioned this a half-dozen times - but today's the second interview with this company. And I hope to make a few stops in the area while I'm there - hopefully Millennium Park's Steve Chaisson memorial (I hear that it's a memorial pond) isn't too difficult to find.

So, wish me luck.


legs said...

I am pretty sure its in Millenium Park. There is a "pond" and some bronze statues. One is a kid hockey player. I cleaned up garbage there and found a huge knife.

Word of the day: Aldermfi

Rogers said...

Where do you get these mashes of letters that you call "Words of the day?" Is this from that British guy that ... how do you Canadians call it? Is a slow learner who can amalgamate to the world around him?

Never heard of it, and any search on the Internet provides results that read: This site my harm your computer, followed with sanskrit lettering. I didn't pursue it any further.

legs said...

New word: Stswistb.

It's simple really. They are my "word verification" that I need to type in to post this message.

My guess was you were hoping for a more interesting response then that.