Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leafs thought of the day

After catching the final minute of the third period of the Leafs game last night - I've got to wondering...

has a team ever been shut out by every team in its division in one year before? The Leafs have been blanked five times, three of which have been from divisional foes in Montreal (last Saturday, C. Price), Boston (Oct. 28 by Tim Thomas) and now Ottawa (B. Elliott). I'd have to imagine that Mr. Miller and Buffalo have a shut-out up their sleeve somewhere down the line, as well - although they've blown their first two shots at shutouts so far.

The other shut-outs have come at the hands of the New York Rangers (Henrik Lundquvist) and Tampa Bay's Dan Ellis on Nov. 9.

Buffalo (either Enroth or Miller) only have four more games to have the Leafs suffer such humiliation.


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