Thursday, November 4, 2010

Locked out - then the Trattoria

The morning started with me being locked out at work today - this was a usual occasion outside Chanoso's back in Windsor on Sundays. After a grueling Saturday evening at The Room, managers wouldn't show up in time to open the restaurant on Sunday mornings no matter what. So about six of us, waitresses and cooks altogether, would wait around for a manager to come (usually Matt from Erie Street) to unlock the doors and get us back to work. Sometimes it was my buddy Hootie.

Anyhow - this morning apparently there was a mix-up where the manager wasn't going to be in till a bit later, so he called who he 'thought' was opening, but it was actually I who was opening. The odd part was, the guy he left the message with didn't mention that that guy wasn't actually opening, he just said "Sure thing," and hanged up. Weird.

Anyhow - I was all alone in the restaurant this morning setting up, which was a little weird, but ... it's fine with me.

Anyhow it was a fine day - I got let go a bit early because I managed to get enough done in pretty good time. So I came home and did some artwork and played with the cat for a while. Then my wife came home and we went out for dinner to Salvatore's Trattoria and Cafe.

Now, this place is "kinda" new - they got a new sign over the summer, and I imagine new management sometime before that - so we hadn't been in there. It had a short menu without too much variety - but that was an issue solved by the specials. If there were seven items on the menu to choose from, there were six specials to choose from that were unique for that evening, so that was nice.

I had the wild mushroom ravioli (I like ravioli) and it was very creamy and solid. It was pleasant to find that he prices were under $10 per plate, and the servings weren't overwhelming. Too often you find $15 plates and a bit too much to eat on the plate. Scaling it back by $5 and trimming the portion size down was actually a welcomed change. Plus it was very tasty.

I'll recommend it. We started with a bruchetta appetizer that was a simple tomato bruchetta on thick-sliced white bread. It was nice, too - no unnecessary toasting or feta cheese. Just simple and lite - again, a pleasant change. It was nice for a change for somewhere to keep it simple instead of trying to have some unique and zesty way to serve up a classic appetizer.

A quiet, cozy, well-priced, smartly portioned evening at Salvatore's Trattoria. It was nice.

Nanowrimo - going strong

I've been able to write well ahead of the requisite 1,667 words per day over the last four days - and I'm going strong. As I'm writing a sequel, it's nice to already know some of the locations and settings and moods and themes, and of course, characters. There's little hesitation when you're writing away because things are familiar and the characters are already figured out in your head. What a nice way to move along.

I should hit the 10,000 word mark (1 / 5 of the way to completion) tomorrow, which is great. That would mean (at this pace) I would be done by the 25th of November, instead of the 30th, giving me five days to not write.

My hunch is that one of these days my blogging will fall behind and I'll wind up posting the opening scene for you to read - but let's hope it doesn't come to that and I can continue to find interesting (or, in today's case NOT interesting) things to write about.

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