Monday, November 15, 2010

Nano overtime

So, I haven't written anything since last Thursday for Nano - which means I will probably have to make use of the 2,000 words I was ahead of schedule from before, and of course play catch up today and tomorrow while I still have free time any time for the project.

I also hope to run out to Marks Work Warehouse or something today out in Uxbridge. See if there's anything I like available.

And - I've been a little stuck on TotU because there are two characters coming up that I haven't quite designed yet, which means I've got to do that and be happy with them before wrapping up, which has put a bit of a stall on things as well.

and the cat is getting into everything these days - so I've got to keep an eye on that, too. She ate half a plant last night, plays with my guitar strings, we've had to hide the newt so she doesn't drop his tank on the floor, and now she's getting into our flowers from our anniversary (which won't last long, I'm sure).


[Update: 11:57, so, I'm not sure how I calculated my last installment of Nano, but I must have deleted some superfluous or redundant information since that update - because I was a few hundred words short of being where I left off last time - which means, I have even more to catch up on. That's fine though.

I've managed to get to about 23,500 and require about another 1,500 words to be back on pace - which is a bit surprising that I managed to get this far so quick.

For the record, I haven't really "written" a lot of the story today - or for most of these days - but rather I'm coming up with some of the mythology and back-stories on organizations and characters in preparation for writing later. You SHOULD know what you're writing about when you start to introduce it - and in this case, my characters are going to get involved between two competing organizations. I have to at least consider the organizational structure, motivations and locations of these things before I go too far. And in most cases, their motivations and institutional identities are relatively complicated - so lots of work going into developing these with a perspective of the end-game in consideration.

That being said - it all counts as words down on the page, and it will all come in handy when I officially go to write the sequel, not just fill out 50,000 words for a contest.


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