Monday, November 22, 2010

Nanowrimo participant looking for a sneaky way out...

Why I'm going to fail
I'm now considering turning my NaNo idea into a graphic novel XD.

I mean, hey, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so if I scribble out fifty pictures before the 30th... >.>

XD Anyone else having format issues regarding your works of masochistic genius?

There's a forum at Nanowrimo where you can chat with others about your story. I've been working more on the story than on the forums (this guy who's considering failing has 43 posts on the forums). He likely spends more time there (which is fine) than writing his book. I'm at almost 41,000 right now. Nice.

I had a really restive weekend, did nothing but write my story, do some artwork, clean the newt, some laundry, groceries, things like that. Even ironed all my work clothes - the kinds of things that you usually have to do on the fly during the week - now they're all done, which should make things very fluid this week. I even cooked up a few side-meals for dinners to expedite that process after work.

National CRIME Writing Month?
Apparently there's a NaCrimwimo as well - never heard of it.
National Crime Writing Month is an annual event run by Crime Writers of Canada. Events are held at libraries and bookstores in cities across Canada. The blog was started as a virtual event in 2010.
This is held in May. To recap:
National Script Writers Month - April
National Crime Writers Month - May
National Graphic Novel Writing Month - October
National Novel Writers Month - November

I'm glad I only do one of these with any regularity.

More on the subject
Chicago has a specific support group for Nanowrimo. One of the very cool things about Nanowrimo is that it has a tremendous amount of support for you. There are forums to share your ideas, ask questions and get motivation to keep going. There are also things called "Write-ins" where you show up at a predetermined location and "write" for a while. Another good way to social network with other like-minded people.

This is a link to how far the people from Chicago take their support groups.

Have a great Monday!

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