Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nanowrimo was a bust yesterday

I only managed about 1,10o words yesterday, about 500 off the pace for Nanowrimo - I just wasn't motivated to get through it - which usually happens when I don't know what the next scene is about. And that's where I'm at - I'm trying to fabricate a legal situation, but don't really know enough about the law or the circumstances legally to write it well - that being said, I haven't drafted up the character for the lawyer, either.

So I'm stuck at that part. I think today I'm going to do some free-writing (all the words still count toward the goal of 50,000) where I write down more detailed plot-points and character sketches so I'm not stuck like this again next week. Hopefully I'll draft up enough material that it'll cover the 1,700 words for today and the 500 from yesterday and get me back on pace. [UPDATE 11:59: Another 5oo words and I'm all caught up- awesome.]

Then back to Tomb of the Undead to see if I can't wrap up the second scene today. It's possible, but we'll see what happens.

Thanks for checking in.

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