Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Social Network, then chores

While my wife and I were away for our anniversary in Ottawa, we stopped one afternoon to watch The Social Network, which I liked. I found it a bit stressful to watch, but it was good. You almost come out of it as if you've watched a documentary - a dramatized documentary. But you don't - it's still just another Hollywood story - however based on the truth.

That being said:
Eisenberg, stars talk about “The Social Network”
The role of Zuckerberg offered a new challenge for himself, Eisenberg said.

“The most significant personality trait that I had difficulty understanding was that Zuckerberg doesn’t prioritize other people’s opinions of him. I very much prioritize that,” Eisenberg said. “There’s a certain disengagement that Mark has. He often seems like he’s not paying attention. I really liked exploring the reality behind that. I’ve never played a character that was so explicitly disengaged.”

“What interested me is that the themes in this movie are as old as story telling itself: friendship, betrayal, class, jealously, power,” Sorkin said.

The complex nature of the story is showcased by complex relationships in the movie, Eisenberg said.

“We’re all the good guys in our own story lines, and we’re the bad guys in everybody else’s story lines. It tells the back story from a few different perspectives,” he said. “The characters are viewed and criticized through the lens of whoever is telling that story. So, from Eduardo’s point of view, Mark squeezed him out of the company. But from Mark’s point of view, Eduardo is trying to take the company in the wrong direction and drag it down. From the Winklevoss’ point of view, Mark is trying to steal their idea. But from Mark’s point of view, they would have never been able to do anything like he was able to build.”

While the movie is “based” off the book, “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich, the screenplay and book were written concurrently.

“Sorkin didn’t base his script necessarily off the book. What happened was Ben Mezrich wrote a 14-page book proposal and submitted it to Hollywood and was like ‘I want to make this book, and I think you might want to make it into a movie,’” Hammer said. “That book proposal ended up in Aaron Sorkin’s hands and he said ‘Wow. This is amazing.’ By page three, he already called his agent and said ‘I’ll write it.’”

“He was researching and writing the screenplay the same time that Ben Mezrich was researching and writing the book. They were kind of doing it on parallel lines and talking to each other every so often on where they were.”

Writing the screenplay at the same time as the book was being written was a new experience for Sorkin.
It was a cool movie, with neat features. The twins were played by the same actor, and then 'doubled' for the film, which is cool. The soundtrack was performed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, which added a gravity and intensity to all of the scenes, as well. It's billed almost as a comedy, but ... it's far from a comedy in the end. I liked it a lot though.

I was just saying to my wife how amazing it is to have a guy like the creator of Facebook alive and well, and you can almost add him as a friend on the site itself -it's like being able to call Alexander Graham Bell and tell him, "Thanks for the telephone." It's just ... really cool.

As for Nanowrimo

I'm rocking it out! 3,702 words, which is right on pace of about 1,666 per day. I wrote 1,783 words today - and I hope to do some planning on what I'm going to write about next week tonight. Also tonight:

Round two Interview
The job interview I had a few weeks ago is having its second round of interviews. So I've got to do some prep for that, find a different shirt and tie to wear, and hopefully arrive early enough to do two things while I'm in Peterborough - pick up my jacket, and stop by the Steve Chaisson memorial in the park down by the river. Then to the interview, and back into town in time for work - I'm scheduled at 12 - but I don't think I'm going to make it back in time for that, unfortunately.

I work until about 9 or so - which means, that day is full. Probably won't be able to work on Tomb of the Undead, or its sequel for Nanowrimo - which is too bad. I really dislike getting behind on things.

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