Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transparent 'in-show' advertizing

We were watching Hawaii 5-0 last night, and, for the record, maybe we shouldn't have been - but besides that - there was a superflouous scene where "Chin" (I think that's his name, he used to play a character named "Jin," too) played by Daniel Day Kim is looking at some art, and then says that it's a (insert pretentious artist name here) original. The woman he was with said, "yeah right."

Then he was scripted to say: "Bing it." This hearkens back to the first time Google paid HBO to put "Google it" into Sex and the City. Will Hawaii 5-O have the same impact on Bing as Sex and the City had on Google? I'm going to guess, no. It's more likely that viruses disguised as 'updates for your computer' will install Bing more often than you'd really like.

Also - Television made me laugh again with the Helen Keller story, in described audio. Chuckle, chuckle. For the record, I didn't know that Helen Keller could speak. Seriously.

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