Saturday, November 13, 2010

wedding dresses and king kong

Always interested in new dinosaur news. Here's a cool idea for the placement of a dinosaur skull:

Dinosaur skull stands out at museum

TOM LUTEY Of The Gazette Staff The Billings Gazette

LEWISTOWN — Artifacts at the Central Montana Museum have a particular order about them — arrows before rifle ammo, wagons before railroads.

This construction allows the skull of a famous outlaw to be dropped into place like a dovetailed drawer. But when the museum recently acquired a replica of a Volkswagen-sized dinosaur skull, the system hit a snag.

The replica, 9 feet long and more than 6 feet wide, was cast from a torosaurus skull found on private land north of Winnett. The chronological gap between the torosaurus and the museum’s next oldest exhibit? About 68 million years, give or take a century.

The skull’s placement? Near the wedding dresses. Dinosaurs, then marriage. The link was unintentional.

“One of our members said we needed to display it better,” said Shirley Barrick, of the Central Montana Historical Society. “We’re working on that.”

Visitors can view the skull for free by stopping at the desk of the adjoining Chamber of Commerce, which is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, and asking for a showing.
Work goes on to stage 'Kong'
New York -- A musical version of King Kong could be roaring onto a Broadway stage in a few years if its producers get their way.

Officials at Global Creatures, the Australian company behind the hit arena show Walking With Dinosaurs, are hoping that their still-unfinished production of the classic ape story can find a theater as early as 2013.

“Ultimately, whether there’s an out-of-town tryout somewhere or not, I just feel New York is the home for this story to be told,” Carmen Pavlovic, the CEO of Global Creatures, said. “It’s Broadway bound — there’s no doubt about that in my mind.”

She and her team have just finished a six-week workshop to ensure their 23-foot mechanical Kong can pull off a show. Next, they want to polish the script and score. Then, they want to begin casting. She said that producers already have begun scouting out potential Broadway theaters big enough for the spectacle.

“If we put Kong in that very contained environment of a proscenium, we’ve got to make sure that in swiping his arms he doesn’t inadvertently knock over a cast member in the process,” Pavlovic said.
To be honest, I've used the cover-art for a better idea for a musical, "My Side, by King Kong" which is a humorous book about the story of Kong from his perspective. Not the first time a classic tale has been retold from the villains perspective, and not the first time it's been done on stage either, what with Godspell (I spell that right?)

Kong could be interesting, but I'd rather see a comedy. Granted, if the producers of Walking With Dinosaurs can make dinosaurs that cool, imagine what they could do with Kong?

On the new job front - it starts on Wednesday, and I'm very excited about it.

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