Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weird new noise

I'm sitting in the basement quietly working away at Nanowrimo, writing the story of the sequel to the graphic novel I've been drawing for the last month and a bit, and I hear this odd noise. It sounds kind of like something bumping very lightly, somewhere in the house.

It's not the furnace, the furnace sounds different. It's not the cat, the cat's sitting very still staring at squirrels in the front yard. It's not me, I'm not making any noise either. It's sounds almost like a creaking on the floor upstairs, just faintly. Though it doesn't sound like something walking around or anything.

Anyhow - turns out it's the new freezer down here in the basement. It's finally plugged in and ready to freeze, I guess the motor sounds a little like creaking.

Now I know. The weird new noise comes from the new appliance.

I think everyone has heard the story of the freezer, so I won't go into any further details (unless you'd like me to). It sure is nice (nothing but freezies and ... I think potato poppers? inside so far).

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