Thursday, November 18, 2010

WTF Collective & classic movie moments

Alright, it looks Jon Lajoie is selling his new album and released a song just for it - but you can't embed it - so you'll HAVE to go to Youtube to watch it. This is a new strategy for him, as you used to be able to just share the videos all you liked.

Is it funny? Absolutely - another absurd combination of rappers come together, rapping about what they've named themselves after. So check it out.

Regrettably, one of the funniest moments on movie history is also unable to be embedded. Weird.

Katamari goes wrong. But sounds like a cool (if fictional) English class ;)

Next up in funniest movie moments:

I was in tears when I saw this. This scene is still hilarious - where as the scene with the introduction of Mini Me from Austin Powers 2 has lost some of its hilarity - because Vern Troyer made a sex video (link not provided).

I was also in tears at this moment:

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