Thursday, December 30, 2010

April 2010

Opening the cottage
My wife and I ran up to the cottage in early April - not sure what the occasion was, but we got it into our hearts to do it, and so we did. There was no hot water heater and we showered with a pot of water boiled on the stove top - which wasn't as inconvenient as you'd think.

The mold all over the bathroom, though - that was as inconvenient as you'd imagine it to be.

Lost Season 6

It was winding down and after coming out of the storyline at the Temple, the characters all face their destiny and begin to work together toward their final destination. We were lucky in Canada that the Sunday-night finale in May actually fell on a long weekend.

Tomb of the Undead
It was in early April that I finished plotting out the story for Tomb of the Undead, and began writing it, too. It took a while to put words and dialogue to all of the plot points I had in mind, but in the end, I think it turned into a producible story - and I've begun to do it anyhow.

NHL Playoffs
We were having a great time watching the playoffs last spring - but things didn't really pick up until we purchased a new bigscreen. I'm getting ahead of myself, because we didn't get that until May.

Evan's first birthday
My first nephew's first birthday was celebrated toward the end of the month down in Windsor - and I was able to do some videography, which was nice. I didn't catch the highilght of the night, though - after the little guy exploded all the cake and food he'd eaten over the course of the day all over the place.

It was like a mogwai spitting in a Gremlins movie. It shot a clear meter (I don't want to exaggerate, but he might have spit further than that!) Lesson learned: a cupcake for their first birthday is all it really takes - a child can't fit a whole cake into their belly.

My mom's birthday, too
I can't recall exactly when we celebrated this, but we were down in Toronto (down-town proper) for my mom's birthday at Morton's. It's a special spot and you even get a family photo when you go.

My wife's birthday
And I snuck out to Peterborough after work (a 2 hour drive) to catch my wife for her birthday at the Pizza Factory. She was surprised.

It was nice - yet I'm glad I never had to commute two hours for a job. That next morning was long and tiresome.

Looks like there was a lot of travelling in April - what with commuting to Peterborough each weekend to see my wife, going to-and-from work, a trip to Tobermory and Windsor, as well as dinner in Toronto. No, it's not going to break any records or win any awards, but still a lot more travelling in any given month than I'd usually get up to.

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