Friday, December 3, 2010

Broadcasters in Toronto

I have to say that the toughest job in the world right now has to be Toronto broadcasting. They are the centre of the Canadian sports landscape - the hub for Sportsnet and TSN are located here, and the radio market here is even syndicated across the country in both radio and cable! Lots of sports - and when you've got that much coverage, you draw the very best broadcasters to you.

So Toronto has the most apt and charismatic sports broadcasters in the country, and they have to (and they HAVE TO) cover the Toronto Maple Leafs. They HAVE to spend their time and attention watching everything the Maple Leafs do because they CANT ignore them.

So, all of this talent, all of this experience, and it's being absolutely wasted on the Maple Leafs. These guys, I guarantee, would prefer to watch any other NHL team play. Maybe they're Leafs fans after all - but they know what they're watching, they know what's good, and you'd think they are desperate to work on better material.

It's got to be a tough job when you have to spend all your time on effort on something so unworthy. It's really disappointing. This isn't just a disappointment for the fans - it's actually ruining careers in the media.

.... I don't know, maybe I'm off-base here. What a disappointing situation.

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