Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec. 27 will be MY Dec. 25

Seems like a long week - and really, it's still almost just beginning with seasonally festive weekends still up-coming. I've got one more week of work, then a holiday - which will be awesome.

I have the date that I can sleep in on circled on the calendar. I'm looking forward to it.

Tonight there's a work party, then travelling down south for a Christmas weekend, just in time to get back for work (and have no laundry done) and start another week right up until Christmas day on the weekend, which will be more travelling and ... then back for Monday, when I'll be free of any early morning obligations.

That's .. 10 days from now. Looking forward to it. Dec. 27 is my Dec. 25!

Stay tuned for communique's about me going on tour the week leading up to New Years - with a week off, it seems like a good time to travel and "have coffee" with people I don't get to see often anymore.

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