Thursday, December 23, 2010

February 2010

House hunting
The big highlight of February was searching for a house to buy for my wife and I. After moving from Peterborough to my folks' place for work, we concluded that somewhere in the Durham/Scugog area would be the best spot between Newmarket and Lindsay.

We saw a LOT of houses, and it's true, when you find one you like you know it right away. We put an offer in on one house, they countered, and then we let the offer time-line expire (they try to keep these things open for like 24 hrs at a time - which means you've got to drive back and forth to this town to put your signature on the offers.

Playing that kind of tag wasn't much fun - but it came out for the best because we found a really great home.

Now, kudos to my wife because she found all the homes, not our agent, if I recall. The agent had great advice, making sure that we got the deal and the offer finalized as fast as possible when we were sure that the house was right for us. So, for his shortcomings in being able to find houses to show us, he had the right moves when it came to getting the deal done.

The Extent | Exodus pts 1 and 2
Yes, the finale for the first season of The Extent was released. But the final episode was set to private and you had to be a friend of "The Extent" on Youtube to see it. That was fine, but then the video was set even more private so people couldn't watch it - which sucked.

Now the entire series is gone from the Internet, so you can't watch it anyhow - and as I've said, even I - a co-creator, writer and "executive producer" can't get my hands on a copy of the episodes - so they're pretty much gone. Which is too bad.

The first four or five episodes of Lost were exciting - but the alternate reality was too infuriating to be worth watching. The creators said this was a "character drama" with some sci-fi in it - but coming up with a "sci fi" reason to introduce us to the same old characters over again wasn't exactly what people thought was in the works.

The pacing was fast, the characters on the Island were doing awesome, and the show really challenged their characters to do awesome things in emotional and interesting ways. There was still some magic left on the Island, which I think everyone was excited to see. They just weren't thrilled with the side-ways stuff.

One of the best Lost items that came out in the final year was what Jimmy Kimmel did with his show to celebrate Lost. He had outstanding interviews and skits - just wonderful, hilarious stuff. It was a lot of fun to watch the ABC Machine get those two shows to collaborate and hype the series finale.

The new job
The first few weeks at my new job were pretty awful, looking back. I had no idea what I was supposed to do so I was told "to just make yourself familiar with things." I was really disappointed with the orientation (a WHMIS test and a tour of the building) and generally was left to stumble and struggle with all the things that had to be done.

Once we got into the swing of things, I found the work difficult to handle. There wasn't a very big portfolio of things to handle, but there were hundreds of details to micromanage - it was overwhelming in some cases, and there was no room for mistakes.

I'm glad I'm not there anymore - that's for sure. The job wasn't what I was looking for, and perhaps them cutting me loose was the best for both of us. I was most eager to get my hands on internal job postings while I was there. I needed to get a few months of good service under my belt and then apply for some other internal listing - we just never got that far together.

Indiana Jones
We obviously had a good time raising our cat up, as well. She was tiny and nervous and scared to even come down the stairs - now she races you up and down the stairs and likes to attack and pounce all the time. She's sure come a long way.

Also - my brother and sister had us all downtown Toronto to go to Morton's, a fancy dancy steak house. It was pretty cool. It as tasty, and we even got to have menus with our names on them, and a photo to commemorate our time there.

February still seems like a lifetime ago - weird how far away only 10 months ago feels.

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