Wednesday, December 22, 2010

January 2010

Almost a year ago today looking back at 2010, it was January. How far have we all come in only 12 months?

The Extent
In early January I was still waiting for the release of the final episodes of The Extent. Those videos have all been taken down now and you can't watch them anymore. Try as I may, I can't get the series creator to burn me a copy of the episodes for my private enjoyment, either.

I still have a huge "series bible" full of good stuff for the show - maybe some day it will be worth something and the show can go on?

No doubt, there's a big post of interesting things I got to experience, people to meet and things to do related to this show. It was rewarding in many way - and I'm glad for it.

By the end of January we had still only rolled out episode 12 of 14. We had started in mid-August, and the 14 episodes were supposed to roll out over the next 14 weeks. That obviously didn't happen. I think the ratings and following suffered from the inconsistency - but consistency costs money - money that we definitely didn't have.

Lost, season six
Let's not forget how big a deal this was for me - the show didn't come out until earlier February and I was posting on the blog all about it. I worked very, very hard to keep myself spoiler free for the show. Now that it's all said and done, Lost was a great inspiration to me creatively, and no doubt, Season 3 of Lost (especially the Ben Linus character) had significant creative influence over my book, Lefevre's Redemption, believe it or not.

I can honestly say - my wife may be the only person who has seen both Season 3 and read my book.

I was still blogging a lot about Windsor and thinking about how that city had gone wrong. My mom thinks it was because I missed the city, and maybe she was right. Whenever I return, the area seems the same - granted I haven't really returned to the west end where I spent most of my time there.

I imagine that my old stomping grounds will appear quite foreign if and when I ever get down there.


Rick Gervais was amazing at the Golden Globes in mid-January and it made me laugh very hard. I enjoyed it a lot - thank you, Ricky. You were a January highlight.

He gives Mel Gibson no quarter. ;)

Tomb of the Undead
I was still deep in the throes of researching my hot story idea for Tomb of the Undead. I was only beginning to realize at this point that my inspirational idea for having zombie dinosaurs required a much more in-depth mythology that could have fascinating historical relevance to stories we already know.

I think Tomb of the Undead will be exciting when it's all said and done. I've only begun to develop the first act of the second story that picks up where the first left off. I've found that working on the sequel while I'm drawing the first has added important levels of detail and back story.

CLB Media
January 22, another important date for Team 22 - I started a new job at CLB Media. The job was brief, but I did learn a lot of interesting stuff, mostly about myself, but some things about corporate organizations, I guess.

I got half-Fridays, entry-level pay, and had to work over-time on Thursdays to no one's advantage but theirs.


After Jan. 22 I was living back home with my folks during the week - leaving my wife all alone with our new cat through the week. It must have really sucked for her. Living at home with my parents again was a bit awkward as well - it was weird, but nice as well.

Best films of 2009

I listed the top 9 scary movies of 2009 - by this point, I have now seen four of them: District 9 (awesome, very awesome); Paranormal Activity (neat ending); Pontypool (pretty good, considering it's all done on one set - and there's a scene where a guy gets eaten by a zombie over the telephone, and it's amazingly well done!); Zombieland - hardly scary, but good nonetheless.

I honestly only saw three of these movies because we had a free introductory package to HBO way later in the year (late June?)

Outlook for January 2011?
A lot of stuff happened last year. I'm not sure I expect so much to happen this time around. I'd like to think that I'll have lots of cool stuff going on -

First off - I will be employed for more than eight days, I hope. Second, we're heading to Mexico for a little more than a week. That should be very cool. And one of my groomsmen is having twins - and I have the good fortune to live and work near enough to check in on them every once in a while - which should be awesome.

I hope that my Tomb of the Undead project has more life, as well. The Extent was cool - but I'd like to see more creative updates with more creative control.

Next up ... February 2010. [For the record, my notes and details will be greatly improved beginning in May - not sure why I started then, but they are pretty thorough.]


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I think getting Indy was my January highlight

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My outlook for 2011...


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Hang in there - keep me up to date on things. ... please ;)