Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leafs win! See the NHL highlights at this link. And let me say this, the Colton Orr fight with Stortini (does Stortini ever win a fight? He sure fights a lot, but he seems to get whooped every single time) sounded WAY better on the radio than it did on t.v.

However, on the radio, you didn't get the impression that every fan in the stands was wearing a Leafs jersey out in Edmonton. While I'm expecting there to be lots of Calgary fans at the next game, I wonder how many Leafs fans will be there, too?

You can see a few of the updates i've had at Zombie Dinosaurs - I don't link there too often, but it's more of a project that lists the news of graphic novels, including more frequent behind the scenes updates on Tomb of the Undead.

And now I've got to get ready for work. Have a good day.

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