Monday, December 27, 2010

March 2010

March was another interesting month - many things happened that set up the rest of my year, including struggles at my job and purchasing a house. Both instances led to where I am today almost directly.

But let's start with something more fun ...

Birthday dinner at Copa Cabana?
Not quite sure what the place was called, but we had meat served to us from skewers directly onto our plates. It was exciting. I remember at this time we were receiving calls from our real-estate agent about a house we had an offer in on.

Offer on our house
We were on pins and needles for a full month waiting to see if the sellers were going to be able to find a house to move into after they sell the house to us. There was a peculiar stipulation that, after they accepted our offer, they had to close a deal for a new house for them to move into, or else the offer was nulled. It was a very odd and unusual stipulation ... but we held tight.

McMichael Art Gallery
We took a tour of the McMichael Art Gallery to see all the Canadian and Group of Seven paintings - it was very nice. A lot of different stuff and interesting stuff. Then we took a small tour of the grounds - and while we were out there and away from celluar signals, we received a message from the realtor that the deal had closed. We were very happy to have closed the deal and finally found ourselves a home.

We were a bit unhappy with having to wait until mid-June to get possession, but at least this was another step in the right direction. What we didn't know at the time was that we wouldn't be apart for as long as we thought we might, courtesy of the movers and shakers at CLB Media.

We inched closer to learning what each character's final destination was going to be on Lost - while we continued to be unimpressed with the flash sideways. Having all the stakeholders on the show finally all come together and join up on the Island after all these years was really excellent to see.

S_eedy Ca$h
I helped write some jokes for a play called S_eedy Ca$h and had a lot of fun helping out. True, I did it all from home and never met the cast of saw the play, it was still fun to be a part of.

My wife and I in fact did travel out to Windsor for the express purpose of seeing the play, but one of the actors in fact broke a leg and was unable to perform, so it was cancelled that day, and we never ever saw it. It was a real shame - we rented Where the Wild Things Are instead - which I liked. It was a shame to have missed it - I know that at this time I wasn't really working on any creative projects - and was personally disappointed with how The Extent was working out - so I was really looking forward to this production.

Derek McGrath
This is a highlight, no doubt any time you meet a celebrity, no matter how famous, it is exciting. Fresh off of our run-in with Terry O'Quinn, I was happy to meet Derek McGrath at the Cogeco studios where he was promoting his latest album. It was fun, and he was quite the raconteur.

[For the record, this may have happened earlier than March - while it only became March by the time I posted it. It did, however, come in 2010.]

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