Friday, December 31, 2010

May 2010

Got laid off
something that happened early in the month was me getting laid off at work. I detailed it pretty specifically at the time. I had my severance package reviewed by a labour lawyer who said it was generous and above what was required of the business.

There are a lot of good people at CLB Media, but that job wasn't for me - and ... as it turned out, not for them either, after eliminating the positions that had been created in early January.

I've heard that the magazine business is still struggling and that they are making more moves around the ownership of the magazines to see if they can make more money off of them in a sale rather than in operation. But that's just a rumour.

Second inspection on the house
After the sale for the house went through in late March, we got our closing date of June 17 - which we were in no hurry to do anymore because we were living together again. I moved back to Peterborough with my wife shortly after losing my job and we were no longer separated.

Besides all of that, the second inspection was nice because we finally got to see the house for a second time. Imagine buying something you'd only looked at once? Crazy - but that's how this business goes - if you see something you like, you get it, book it, and then write in a condition that if you find something wrong with it, you can back out of the purchase at any time.

At the same time, I suppose, the seller could back out at any time, as well.

We were excited to hear that the inspection of the house turned up very positive with good results from our inspector. He liked the place.

King of the Road series
I found (and posted) a series of old single-panel comics that I thought were lost and gone forever. I knew that I'd given them away, I just didn't know where or to whom I'd given them. I wrote 50 of these things in about a day.

Tomb of the Undead
I had unofficially had the working title of "zombie dinosaurs" for this right until about this time. I worked on the scene capsules to get the settings and characters all prepared before digging into actually writing everything out.

Golfing 2010
Yes, the golf season began in May. I recall on my way back to Peterborough for the last time after working in Aurora, I stopped at a driving range and absolutely sucked. I thought it would be a good chance to unwind and get some fresh air, but all I did was shank a bunch of shots, and then blow the head off my driver. A little embarrassing watching the head of your golf club go further than the ball.

Helping granny
My grandmother moved into a new home and I helped her move while I was on my work furlough. It was a little awkward moving all her stuff around, but my aunt and mom were there to help, and my sister was there, too. They had a lot of cassettes of big band music. That's what old people have in their drawers, audio cassettes of big band music.

She and her husband celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this new years and much of the family was visiting to celebrate it just yesterday. It officially marked the second time I've ever been in her new home. It's a nice place in Brampton.


For the first time since I started watching Lost I was able to have "Lost parties" where people come over to watch them. I made pizza for my pals who also live in Peterborough and watched Lost. It was always a good time. Home made pizza! Yum.

The End
The final episode of Lost aired on the Victoria Day long weekend, and it was long-awaited. It's special to have a show 'run out' instead of get cancelled. It was good television, even if it didn't get to answer all the questions posed of it. Looking back on it now, it's interesting to see how much the producers actually wanted people to not have answers. They decidedly wanted to leave things unexplained so that people were always guessing - they didn't want there to be a historical explanation for many things. Which is weird - but there were enough clues that you could piece together a strong theory for yourself.

These same folks got me into my one and only official softball game in the past two years thanks to that ungodly City of Windsor strike that made a bloody abortion out of our baseball season in my last year in Windsor, and then we had/have nowhere to play in Peterborough or Port Perry (which segued into my more zealous interest in golf than before).

Victoria Day Weekend

My buddy Rob came to visit for Victoria Day weekend and we did everything. Went to the zoo, had some drinks, went out for a while, watched the Lost Finale, went to the Canadian Canoe Museum, sang the Canoe Day song, hiked along trails, put in 18 holes of golf in the sun, and probably more stuff than that, that I can't think of now. We did a whole lot - those three days almost seem like they were a whole week. And it was great.


I don't go to the theatre to watch many movies. Simply, we don't watch a lot of movies in the first place - but I went out of my way to see MacGruber. It was hideous, heinous, disgusting, and absolutely hilarious. If you like the 22-second scenes on SNL then you'll be pleased to watch the film. Also, it's rated 18 A, meaning, it's even worse than being rated R - and it's all because of language and shitting. There was one love scene, but it's with a ghost, so you can't see the second person - and it's in a grave yard. And the ghost is pregnant, I think.

Warhol's Portrait of Gretzky
While unemployed, I did what I imagine most people who don't have a job do - listen to CBC Radio 2. They played classical music while you work on your creative projects, give you a brief news update, and then more un-intrusive, lyric-free compositions for the rest of the afternoon. I liked it. Yet, somewhere in there, was Hawksley Workman's Warhol's Portrait of Gretzky song.

It's fantastic. It took me a while to figure out the chords, but I like it a lot. The acoustic version I posted on the blog was especially touching, seeing the keyboard accompaniment for the baseline was fun. The snazzing guitar licks are pretty great, too.

I think I listened to this song 30 times in about a two-day period, to my wife's chagrin.

Lastly, the story of Mugabe
I conceived and even drew some of this little comic when I lived in Windsor, did a bit more while I was living at my parents, and after becoming unemployed, was able to finish up those comics and get them posted. Here's the first page.

And that was May - other than being unemployed, sounds pretty good.

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