Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bill Hayes fired, Bill Watters fired?!


I really enjoy AM 640's afternoon/evening Watters Show on weekdays. That's my favourite thing about the drive home. Bill Watters and Bill Hayes did a great job together, but now I'm finding out that Bill Hayes has been fired?

I thought he was doing a great job - and if anyone should be off the show it's The Bear and his awful NFL picks. I get that people like the NFL, but that segment, beyond the fun banter, was nothing of any substance, while Bill Hayes was 'Ron MacCleaning' the show for Mr. Watters.

I don't like change.

And now I'm hearing that Bill Watters has been fired from Sportsnets?! I KNOW that he's not as photogenic as he used to be, but shit! Nick Kypreos is what you'd rather have sharing his ideas on ANYTHING?

(yes, it's a blog - but it's technically from Steve Simmons' twitter account)
Good news everyone!
The media changes continue. Just heard: Bill Watters let go by Rogers Sportsnet

Here are some thoughts on why Watters might not be welcomed on a Sportsnet broadcast, because he's on AM 640 and not on the conglomerate's FAN 590 instead. And 590 won't bump The Bobcat to inject Watters onto the show.

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