Sunday, January 30, 2011

July 2010

July began with an announcement that the Stanley Cup was going to join Blackhawk defenseman Nick Boynton on display to celebrate Chicago's victory. Obviously we were thrilled to get back to the hometown to check it out.

It was also at this moment that the Maple Leafs announced that they had acquired fellow Blackhawk champion Kris Versteeg. It was an exciting time for a Leafs fan (from Nobleton).

The Maple Leafs also introduced seven new players to the franchise in the NHL Entry Draft, including Brad Ross (whom the Leafs traded up to draft), Greg McKegg and Sondre Olden. None are expected to make the big team until late 2012 or 2013, I don't think.

In any case, the trip to Nobleton to visit the Stanley Cup was really cool, and certainly better than going to King City if the Flyers had won the Cup.

I continued posting the King of the Road - looks like I posted quite a few of them, and I was also able to put up a very old Tie Domi vs. Brett Hull comic I'd written quite a few years ago. I was feeling good about the artwork and stuff, and was inspired to do more.

I was gearing up to put out more artwork and comics because I was really looking forward to finishing my graphic novel script and start work on it. It was going a little slow, but picked up the pace a little later on.

Exploring Port Perry
My wife and I rented a canoe for a little while and took it out onto Lake Scugog. It was very nice. I recall the weather being very pleasant for our first month of so, and I recall thinking it quite odd that it never seemed to rain!

Then, finally by mid-July, we broke down and turned on the air conditioner.

Also, we started golfing regularly on Mulligan Mondays at the Canterbury Golf Course, where near to my buddy wound up moving a few short months later.

Basil, the bastard
We quickly came to realize that our neighbour's cat was an enormous bastard - it jumped up and tore the screens off our windows - and in so doing, had scratched our cat. We had to take her to the vet for antibiotics. It was really unfortunate - although one of the funniest sounds was Indy licking her wound, but being in angry pain about it - it sounded like "Num, num, num num num" and it was absolutely hilarious. We laughed a lot about it - we laughed less after a $90 vet bill, though.

Working in the Port
For the few first weeks in town I was building a list of places I could work, and I spread them around quite a bit. For a kitchen job, I wasn't looking to have to commute very far - so this shrank the list a bit, but that didn't mean I wasn't given three offers from three places that were within an eight-minute bicycle ride from our house.

I tried to find writing work, especially with Focus on Scugog, who said they had no work, and of course I never heard back from them.

I started my first job after the move on July 19 at a restaurant. I was pleased to have it and was happy to get back into the kitchen for a while. For the first little bit, I was excited to be getting familiar once again with cooking. I even had a chance to get back in touch with a few references and old jobs in prepping for new positions.

No doubt - my opinion of the job changed over my time there, but I was excited to get back at it.

I was able - while working at this job - to read lots and get some sun before heading to work, which started usually around 11 a.m. or so - plenty of time before work to have a good time.

I was super excited to watch this movie - and it came up on HBO during our trial subscription with our cable package. And, as I was hopeful it would be, it was a fantastic movie. Watch it if you can. I still tell people this.

Bed and Brick
The bed saga begins shortly after we moved in - The Brick and its inability to communicate what the hell was going on with the missing parts that we were supposed to receive in the mail. My wife and I were staying in the guest room (our other guest room actually had a guest in it).

Terra Nova
Our first mention of Terra Nova comes up - Spielberg's upcoming tv show about people in the times of dinosaurs. Actor Jim Shannon is named as the lead for the show.

Hitting the road
I was down in Toronto to help my sister move her things, which was alright. I recall things went really well until they went out shopping to pick some stuff up. I don't like shopping so much, so that was the end of that.

We were also down in Windsor for a cousin's wedding that was on the 24th (which answers a question I had with one of my best friends that I was in town for his birthday, but didn't go out to celebrate with him. I was pretty sure that wasn't the case (we arrived late due to a series of errors, including having to cross Toronto's rush hour traffic three times because of a purse.

In any case, I have found the message from the birthday card that commemorated that birthday, which went like this:

Birthday wishes
"To be honest, having a French Marlborough man (who’s delivering three bricks of cocaine and a tall pot of coffee) fart into your espresso is one of the highest compliments you can receive on your birthday.
Eviter les Contrefacons! And Happy birthday"

For the record - I'm going to have to pick up the remaining birthday cards from the grocery store so I can use this over and over. It's an absolutely hilarious birthday card. It's perfect!

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