Tuesday, January 4, 2011

June 2010

June was a big month for us - we moved into our new house and left Peterborough behind. I didn't realize at the time that it would only be temporary - but that's still a long ways away.

Zombie Dinosaurs - Mugabe
At the very beginning of the month I posted the final page to the Mugabe strip I'd written. No one noticed - but I thought it was an important step to "warming up" for Tomb of the Undead.

Lefevre's Redemption

I had two copies of my third draft of Lefevre's Redemption returned to me with critical thoughts. This was important - because I wanted to reread and then reedit the entire thing - which I began, but didn't finish. There's a LOT of work to still go into it - even after editing, it'll be a long while fine-tuning and writing so much of the story. It's at this point that you realize that writing is much more than just typing your thoughts down- the narrative is important, and has to look good and read well, the language you pick has to be clear and consistent. These are things that have to be totally reviewed and fixed before I can submit the story to anywhere. Which I'd still like to do.

Lacrosse with Cogeco
I was helping to run a tv camera for Cogeco for a little while, and we started filming the Peterborough lacrosse team, which was kind of neat. The games were interesting and fun to watch. There's an interesting mix of young and old players, and in one game in particular, one ref got smacked pretty good - and a level three referee was pulled out of the audience to help finish the game. Weird.

I also helped film a dragon boat parade which was cool, sort of. Lots of ladies parading their support for a cure for breast cancer. An interesting day, and it served as my final stint with Cogeco, which was too bad. I did enjoy helping with them.


I have only ever sold one thing on Kajiji - our old BBQ. It was basically scrap metal - I even had to disassemble it for the guy so he could fit it into the back of a VW Jetta. We wound up leaving our washer and dryer at the townhouse in Peterborough (and made some decent cash on them, which was nice).

I had a few friends stop by one weekend, which was nice, too. An especially good time hanging out with Ben for a couple days, wandering through Peterborough and enjoying nice weather in June.

New House
We assumed ownership of our new house on June 17. A big step for us, and we had a lot of help from a lot of friends and family to get things moved. I'm looking forward to staying put here for a long time - I'd been very transient for a long while trying to keep my possessions to a minimum so moving wasn't a burden. Now, thank goodness, we can move beyond that.

Remember shampooing the rug, sweetie? How about that giant patch of sand? How about signing up for all of the utilities? Fond memories of moving in.

Toronto Maple Leafs

At this point in mid-June everyone was getting excited for the NHL draft, NHL free agency, and believing that the Maple Leafs were going to make some major acquisitions, major moves and make a serious difference to start the 2010/11 season. Their time at the bottom of the standings was going to stop - and they'd be greatly improved.

Kaberle was going to be traded, the draft was going to yield something special, trades were going to bring in talent, and free agency would shore up any of the Leafs' shortcomings. Everyone was looking forward to October already.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and everyone (not literally everyone) from Nobleton was excited to see Nick Boynton return with the trophy.

The Leafs named Dion Phaneuf as captain in June, too.

Port Perry
It was a new and exciting town to get to know and experience. The "moonlight madness" was a big start to our time here, which was nice enough. Over the summer it's a busy, cottage town where everyone comes out for the local festivities. Very nice - of course, we got to learn a lot more about it over the last few months.

We had a nice welcome at the Ocala winery, too - a potluck rendezvous with other new homeowners in the Port Perry area. We had a little wagon ride through the orchard, which was pleasant.

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