Monday, February 7, 2011

Leafs trade rumors

I've heard that the LA Kings could be interested in a sniper like Phil Kessel - I seriously doubt the move would be made, but ... imagine!

Here is how Eklund sees the defensemen at the deadline moving:
Chris Phillips, Tomas Kaberle, Francois Beauchemin, Bryan McCabe, Sergei Gonchar, Sheldon Souray. It's exciting to see that two of the top three are Maple Leafs. That means the Leafs are almost certain to be active!
According to my sources, Chris Phillips is the first defensive domino this trade deadline...

Teams interested include three majors: San Jose, Boston, and Washington...with an outside shot of the NY Rangers. Essentially these teams like Phillips more than Kaberle..."slightly."

The Bruins look to hold the power here. The word on the street is Boston is where Phillips would most like to go (Chiarelli connect) and Phillips does have a NTC with reports saying the Sens want a list of teams by the end of the week.

Kaberle also holds a NTC and there are mixed reports as to whether or not he would play in the Western Conference, and if the Sharks can't attract Phillips, they may be out of luck.

However, the other player the Sharks have been linked to is Gonchar. While Gonchar has 2 more years on his contract, there are some who feel Gonchar is a much better player with a solid cast around him than either Kaberle or Phillips. Those people in Pittsburgh would agree I am sure.

Meanwhile, the other solid D man who the Sharks could turn to could be Bryan McCabe or Beauchemin.

Both McCabe and Beauchemin have also been mentioned to the Capitals in conversations today...

Also, Mark Spector of, and frequent Hockeybuzz Podcast guest, tweeted today that the NY Rangers aren't interested in Sheldon Souray because they haven't liked what they have seen at the AHL level.

I have mentioned this more than once, from talking to scouts, that Souray hasn't impressed in Hershey. The Devils also scouted him.
Again, it appears that San Jose is willing to part with Devon Setoguchi to get Beauchemin.

Also - it appears basically anything off the Senators' roster is up for grabs, and Florida will be dropping everything they've got when and if they drop out of the playoff race.

(and the Leafs totally won tonight, awesome)

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