Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No dinosaurs for a while

which means my wife starts sending me dinosaur news. Yikes. In any case, here is some interesting dinosaurs news in case you've been missing it.

Dinosaur Fighting Fun In The Terra Nova Super Bowl Trailer
Remember in the first season of Lost when we all thought maybe the Smoke Monster might be something cool like a herd of dinosaurs? Steven Spielberg’s new TV series Terra Nova is a lot like that, except there really are dinosaurs. Or maybe it’s more like Avatar, without the cat people. It does have that guy who played Colonel Quaritch, playing what seems like almost exactly the same character. This could be a lot of fun.

And here's the trailer for the show. Looking forward to it!

Single-finger dinosaur discovered in China
A new dinosaur species related to Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered in China. It's the first known dinosaur to have only one finger. By Simeon Bennett Bloomberg News

A new dinosaur species related to Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered in China, helping shed light on the evolution of the ancient animals, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers led by Xu Xing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing found the partial skeleton in rock formations on the border between Mongolia and China, they wrote in the January edition of the science journal.

The researchers called the species Linhenykus monodactylus after the city of Linhe, near where the skeleton was found.

It's the first known dinosaur to have only one finger, Xu said. The digit is smaller than that found on related species with three fingers, confounding expectations that the middle finger used for digging would become bigger over time while the outer two would get smaller and disappear, the researcher said. This discovery shows evolution can be a combination of adaptive and random processes, he said.

"The middle finger is not as large as other species who still have two small lateral fingers," Xu said in a telephone interview. "We don't see this very often in dinosaur evolution."

The new species belongs to the theropod class of dinosaurs that also includes the T. rex, Xu said. The dinosaur probably was about 8 inches, weighed no more than 1 pound and may have fed on termites or ants, he said.

Sneak peek at Primal Carnage
Chris Leggett, Monday, 7th February, 2011
(my buddy's brother is named Chris Leggett)

Lukewarm Media has released the latest trailer (comprised of Alpha footage) for its upcoming first-person shooter Primal Carnage, which showcases some human players co-operatively battling against a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and other dinosaurs.

Game Console's Hamish Bode is involved in the development of Primal Carnage, which he describes as "an FPS that gives the player the ability to play as both Humans and Dinosaurs in a fast-paced, team environment".
Nice. Not enough outstanding video games with dinosaurs in it.

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