Friday, March 11, 2011

Charlie Sheen makes Charlie Harper look like a kitten.

This guy speaks in poetry. On the subject of a bad phone connection between him and his agent:
"This connection is .. ah, whoever invented this connection should have their face hacked off in front of their children, and then worn as a mask out on a tight-budget shopping spree in stores that don't even exist yet."
- Charlie Sheen.

If there's anything to learn from all of this Charlie Sheen excitement, it's that he's an absolutely incredible actor. You would have had no idea that what we're seeing right now is able to learn lines, perform, and act in any way that resembles normal on television.

This guy's mind is exploding with things he seems to need to express, and he seemed to be able to put is on mute while working and filming six (or whatever) seasons for Two and a Half Men. Good for him.


cara said...

well well ryan...
i just have to state how much i LOVE the crazy rantings of charlie sheen! i was defniately one of those million twitter followers he got right away!
i also applied the other day ot be his social media intern... true story.

ps hope all is well with you and shelley i miss seeing both your beautiful faces!

Rogers said...

You've applied to be his intern? First off, that's awesome, good luck.

second, his prophecies are coming true: you literally cannot win without him. He has now become your source of winning, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to carry the invisible tray of tiger blood, warlock, sprinting violently to the vatican assassin.

ahem - I mean, I'm sure he'll be a great boss.