Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fletch (1985) - "Charge it to Mr. Underhill"

So Fletch was on "Game TV" whatever that is, last night. Fletch is about a journalist who goes undercover to get the inside story on the dirty underside of Los Angeles - almost like a detective. While working on a drug story on the beaches, he's made an unusual offer by a very rich man. He doesn't understand, so he takes his quick wit and collection of disguises on the road to find out who this guy is, and what he wants.

The movie had Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Belair, the bad boyfriend from Drop Dead Fred, Gina Davis (must have been an early role for her, she didn't really say or do anything in it) and of course Chevy Chase.

It wasn't a very good movie, let's be fair, but it kept you guessing with the mystery. I didn't figure it out, but had fun trying.

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