Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reimer eclipsing Giguere

I know this really isn't earth-shattering or anything - but James Reimer has eclipsed J.S. Giguere in wins some time a week ago. Right now he has 13 wins on the season, while Giguere has only 11.

Giguere has 11 wins in 36 games, which is ghastly. Gustavsson has an awful 6 wins in 23 games, which is insane, and Reimer, the man of the hour, has 13 wins in 26 games.

So good for Reimer, the guy plays a third of the season and racks up 76% of the wins of the other two goalies, combined! It's awesome - good for him. Nobody will take that away from him.

With only 10 or 11 games left this year, will there be a competition to see who wins the most games in 2011?

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