Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seems like a long winter

I tell you - it seems like a long winter this year. I think it's because we keep getting little teases of warm weather that leads us to believe that winter is almost over. Sunday we were up early to do some shopping with the day (bad idea, most things aren't open before 11 a.m. anyhow) so I was out shoveling the driveway and you could hear morning birds singing. It reminded me of spring.

Then we had rain yesterday and I thought, man, maybe things will warm up shortly. Now the forecast is calling for another week of -10 degree weather. But it's March now - so there has GOT to be so warm weather coming soon. Maybe not this week - but let's hope surely in the next two and a half weeks it can finally crack the sub-zero temperatures and get us heading into spring.

I'd like that.


legs said...

I never count winter down and out until after Deb's birthday on March 17th. I can remember all kinds of storms on and near her birthday.

After that then I start to get angry.

Interesting to note...every year I hear people complaining about winter in February. Its February and its the same every year. Its a winter season and January and February is the dead of winter. My nephew was complaining the first week of February that winter should be over. Man.

Anyway.....I can get back to work after my rant.


Rogers said...

Yeah - I've seen storms even after my birthday even closer to the end of the month. However, I specifically avoided saying anything about the spring until March was officially upon us - I'm looking forward to the next two weeks, and what I hope are significant improvements.