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Spoof reader feedback

I was actually interviewed about this article by CBC radio - I haven't any idea whether they used any of the material or not - but it took 20 minutes of my day the other day.

So - what do people say about the news about fake news?

They range from "chill out":
Talk about overreacting.Get a grip man!! It was a spoof! I thought Windsor had a better sense of humor than that.
People need to chill. It's just meant as a satirical piece and imo, was well done..

Sault Guy in Belle River
Oh c'mon, people. It's a spoof. It's supposed to be funny and if you unclench your sphincters for a few minutes, you'll realize that it IS funny. Ever see Russel Peters, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams or any of 100 other comedians? Their acts are based on racism, sexism and just about any other ism you can think of. More and more, the parodies are aimed at the rampant political correctness that has taken over our humourless and hyper-sensitive society. What a pity that we can't laugh at anything any more for fear of offending someone's overblown sensibilities. Untwist your panties and relax!

This edition of the paper was around when I was there in the 1980's. Anybody who doesn't like it needs to get a life, unless they are one of those people who go on witch hunts for "these offensive things".

people are too serious. is it not obvious its a spoof? seems obvious to me.

To supportive of the article:
Hilarious. It's refreshing to see a clever attempt at humour; a fail in execution and total acceptance all in a few paragraphs.
What's even funnier is the lance took it off the web because people were offended and the star puts it back up.
That's pretty funny. If you just look at the headlines, almost Onion-esque material.
Some people just don't like the university:
Oh boo hoo Wildeman, then why did you draw attention to it rather than dealing with the situation quietly so as to not further bring harm to the reputation of the University? Right, because it was about you.

class of 88
the president of the university is living in a bubble of his own hubris. He should be more concerned about the bigoted, hateful administration staff. This institution is so caught up in the pretense of an ivory tower image that they have forget or are unaware of the already terrible reputation of the school. The Lance put out some humour and some people were offended - seems like they did their job. Let Western take over the u of Windsor and end this sad expensive joke of a failed educational experiment.
some people don't like the Star:
When does the Mock edition of the Windsor Star come out? You know the one with accurate reporting and no spelling or grammar errors.

To latently racist:
try walking into the west wing of the leddy...
To obviously racist:
I do not despise foreigners, only the scummy ones from 3rd world countries as I stated before. This ARTICLE demonstrates the victim mentality of so called minorities and commie pinkos, aka, the useful id!ots. You must be one of them, I see.
To "you're overreacting":
No one with half a brain in their head could have read ANY of those articles and not KNOWN they were spoofs...
If you couldn't tell they were spoofs, maybe you have a case to get your money back from your post 2ndary school.
Such spoofs are a long tradition of The Lance and student newspapers since there was such a thing as a student newspaper. [link to a '93 spoof edition]
I finding it very, very hard to believe other mainstream news organizations couldn't see the obvious parody in each and every paragraph. The intentionally poorly done faked photo that accompanies the article is another incredibly obvious tip off. Humor will always offend some, I guess. People are always prepared to be offended and some, like MissMelrose, will try to leverage humor to promote their own agenda.

To off the mark entirely
I find the responses on here more frightening then the article itself. Whatever happened to responsible journalism. Media outlets have a responsibility not only to their readers, but to the advertisers who pay their salary! Personally, I think the editor-in-chief should recieve some type of repramand for his actions. He and his staff delibertly put the reputation of an established newspaper in jeopardy. This is just another example of how our society continues to see that there is nothing sacred anymore. Everything can be exposed and no one has to take accountability for it. Shameful.
to complete nonsense [seriously, what is this saying?]
Kay R
As a U of W grad from many years ago (Business), I don't recall anyone taking the Lance, or any other publication on campus all that seriously.......oh ya, that's right, scrutiny of the non-benevolent......that was more a Social Science Major (lighten up already....)
To finally getting closer to the mark
As a graduate of U of Windsor, I can tell you that the Spoof edition always had an undertone of racism, sexism and homophobia in their articles. I remember specifically an article that parodied "Take Back the Night" (an annual march down the streets of Windsor to help end violence against women). The headline read "Take Back the Night Mistaken for a Zombie walk" - mocking battered women.

I am finally glad the administration and the human right's office is finally taking a stand.

I also know this fall there has been demonstrations and protests regarding the Lance and their articles having undertones of racism and sexism. Humour should not about the humiliation of race and gender.
There is some work being done that's analyzing the content of The Lance, which is an important step, for sure. You can find more of that here.

A content and quality analysis of the Lance is best served by omitting the Spoof Edition content, if you ask me. I think there's lots of valuable work to be done performing a content analysis - but it loses credibility significantly when the any time is spent reviewing the spoof editions.

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