Monday, March 28, 2011

While not watching the President's address

... I decided, instead of watching Obama address the nation, to switch over to Murder She Wrote. I knew that that network wasn't going to be interrupted by topical issues, and I wasn't disappointed. I was pleased to discover that James Keviziel (the guy who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ) was in that episode, which is interesting.

This leads me to:

The Angela Landsbury School of Performing Arts Dean's List

Ned Beatty (1.01) from Roseanne (as Ed Conner)
Tom Bosley (1.02) from Happy Days (255 episodes)
Gabe Kaplan (1.03) from Welcome Back, Kotter (79 episodes)
Martin Landau (1.03) from Mission Im:possible (76 episodes)
Joaquin Phoenix (1.08) from Walk the Line and Gladiator (and David Letterman)
Milton Berle (1.12) from It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (and 55 eps of the Milton Berle Show)
Glynn Turman (1.13) & (3.07) & (6.05) who you don't need to know, but he was in Gremlins, which is awesome
Leslie Nielson (1.14) & (3.06) the man who needs no introduction!
Robert Goulet (1.15) of Will Ferrell fame (and was in one of the Naked Guns with Neilson!
Cesar Romero (1.15) the Joker in Batman with Adam West
Jerry Orbach (1.16) from Law and Order (only 274 f-ing episodes!)
Linda Blair (1.19) from The Exorcist (and Reposessed with Leslie Nielson)
Kevin McCarthy (1.20) from UHF as the evil Channel 4 owner
Howard Hesseman (2.01) from WKRP in Cincinnati (90 episodes)
William Atherton (2.03) & (3.22) from Die Hard and Ghostbusters (and Lost, season 6)
William Christopher (2.07) from M*A*S*H (213 episodes!)
Lee Meriwether (2.07) & (9.19) & (11.13) from Bathman as ... Catwoman (wiggle eyebrows up and down)
Norman Fell (2.08) from Three's Company (and the Ropers) as Stanley Roper (56 episodes)
Larry Wilcox (2.15) & (4.20) & (7.17) & (9.09) from CHiPs (117 episodes)
Robert Stack (2.19) from Unsolved Mysteries of 15 years. (He was born in 1919!!!!) voice of Ultra Magnus in the Transformers movie, apparently in Falcon Crest quite a bit.
Linda Hamilton (2.20) from the Terminator movies with Arnie.
Courtney Cox (3.01 & 3.02) season premiere! Of course, she's from Friends.
Hayley Mills (3.03) from Disney movies.
John Glover (3.04) & (4.02) from Gremlins 2, and ... Smallville (145 episodes)
Tom Selleck (3.08) from Magnum P.I. where he plays "Magnum" where they solved a crime together.
George Takei (3.15) from Star Trek (22 episodes as the famous Mr. Sulu)
Ernest Borgnine (3.16) from McHale's Navy (138 episodes)
Adam West (3.16) from Batman, again! Nice.
George Clooney (3.18) from ER (109 episodes) and other things.
Fionnula Flanagan (4.08) & (10.07) from Lost (as Ms. Hawkings)
Billy Zane (4.17) from that line in Zoolander, "Thanks .. Billy Zane."
Sonny Bono (4.19) from Sonny and Cher.
Jamie Farr (5.02) from M*A*S*H (214 episodes)
Conchata Ferrell (5.09) from Two and a Half Men (132 episodes)
Dirk Benedict (5.12) & (12.10) from The A-Team as "Faceman" (96 episodes)
Bill Maher (5.13) from ... well being a big asshole for money, but with less talent than Dennis Leary.
Jerry Stiller (6.08) from King of Queens, Zoolander, Seinfeld.
Sally Struthers (7.06) from All in the Family (184 episodes)
Michael McKean (7.07) from SNL and Celebrity Jeopardy (and This is Spinal Tap)
David Lasbury (8.22) Angela's nephew, who made it into season finale.
Harvey Fierstein (9.05) from Independence Day and John Lovitz parodies (and Death to Smoochie)
Margot Kidder (9.16) from Superman as Lois Lane (and later for being insane)
Cynthia Nixon (9.16) from Sex and the City.
Sam Anderson (9.18) & (10.09) & (11.15) from many episodes of Lost as "Bernard Nadler"
Neil Patrick Harris (9.19) from Doogie Howser, MD, How I Met Your Mother and Harold & Kumar.
Don Swayze (10.06) from the younger brother of Patrick.
Morgan Fairchild (10.09) supermodel from General Hospital
Julianna Margulies (10.09) from ER and now The Good Wife.
George Segal (10.09) from Just Shoot Me
Felicia Lansbury (10.17) & (11.20) is Angela's Niece, good to see she made it on t.v.
Robert Knepper (10.20) & (12.17) from Heroes (final season) and Prison Break.
Shannon Tweed (11.15) from Playboy magazine, and Gene Simmons Family Jewels
James Caviezel (11.16) from Passion of the Christ.
William O'Leary (11.16) & (12.23) from Home Improvement as Tim's brother Marty.
Zeljko Ivanek (12.05) from just about every show you can imagine. He's been in it.
Doug Hutchinson (12.09) from X-Files, Lost and the Green Mile.

On another note - did the president declare war on Libya today? I wasn't paying attention.

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