Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bad haricut

So I probably mentioned a little while ago about the stinky barber that I didn't really enjoy. Well, I went back and the old German-sounding guy did a brutal job. I actually had to have him cut my hair three times in one sitting, because it was so damned long.

At one point he asked if I liked it, and I had to show in that my bangs were still touching my eyebrows. I don't know what he thought a haircut was, but it was ridiculous. Anyhow - after three times under the scissors, I said, thanks, that's fine.

Sure enough, my bangs on one side are longer than on the other, the hair on top of my head is just as long as when I went in, and I've got a half-rat tail on the top of my head. In three weeks when the hair grows in a bit, it's going to look absolutely stupid.

I was hoping that by trimming it down that I'd be able to avoid gelling it all the time - but without gel I look like Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber. It's awful.

I'm never going back, and if anyone asks, I'll tell them it's the worst hair-cutter I've ever been to.

It's the awful barber one business to the west of 165 Sherbrooke. There's a striped barber pole out front. There's likely an ugly old man smoking out front, that smells like minestrone soup under his arms.

Terrible. There isn't even a sign out front to warn you about it - just terrible. It's kind of beside the Russell Gallery.

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