Friday, April 15, 2011

Brian Hayes gone - Jim Ralph in?

More changes on the Bill Watters show

I didn't really like Brian Hayes on the Bill Watters show - he was fantastic when he was waxing philosophic with Wilbur, but when he had the mic solo it was unbearable. He sounded ridiculous, like my pathetic economics highschool teacher. I simply didn't like the intonation in his voice, the way he emphasized certain things while he was all alone in the booth.

And it was drastically different when he was playing along with Watters - but as soon as he was carrying the show on his own, it wasn't that cool.

So I'm very happy to have Jim Ralph join the Watters Show. Jim Ralph's Don Cherry impression is classic. "And that's all I've got to say abOUT THAT" as Cherry would 1/2 say, 1/2 scream.

I guess Hayes decided to launch the escape pod over to TSN Radio (which I know absolutely nothing about). I guess TSN is going Rogers SportsNet, trying to expand their programming onto more media than they already have, which is fine.

I've found most of this information before from Toronto Sports Media, where you get the lowdown on upcoming guests and the behind the scenes deals on what's going on at your favourite sports stations.

There have been rumours on the site that indicate AM 640 might be looking to get out of the business of sports programming, which is interesting, because they've been the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts for a long, long time. Certainly as long as I can remember.


Curtis said...

I don't think B.H's tenure was going to work out especially after they abruptly terminated his father; it just wasn't going to work. It also seemed like he and Watters were clashing at every turn so I wouldn't be surprised if information surfaced that Watters had a hand in both firings. That said I don't really care that much for Watters himself. Often abrasive and never one to concede but perhaps what really bugged me most was his tendency to sound superfluous. He will often pause in search of some big words.

I listen mostly during the mornings with Oakley and Stafford and Adler but there are a few persoanlities that get on my nerves like Bynon and the aforementioned Watters so if they did a shake down I wouldn't even shed a crocodile tear.

Rogers said...

Hey Curtis. I think Jim Ralph is making us forget anything about Brian or Bill Hayes. Frankly, they don't really shine a light to him.

Sorry to hear you don't like Watters - he's definitely got a personality, and if it's not your cup of tea, I can't imagine he's going to change.

He's a huge part of 640's broadcasting schedule - and unless they're escaping the sports market and are planning on dropping the Leafs, I imagine they'll hang on to Watters. That's what I imagine, anyhow - unless they can find someone with better Maple Leafs connections and a longer tenure with the Blue & White.

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