Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dinosaur round

Lots of dinosaurs to check out this time around.

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Miami geologist part of "dawn runner" discovery in early dinosaur graveyard
Recap: Brian Currie reported in Science the discovery of a South American 230 million year old (Triassic period) Eodromaeus, meaning "dawn runner."

It may have weighed only 15 pounds, and they discovered a nearly complete skeleton.

It was discovered in the foothills of the Andes, in the "Valley of the Moon"

Flaw: eoraptor, a "similar-sized plant-eating dinosaur" discovered in 1991 is classified as a theropod, or meat-eater. (some challenge it is a sauropodomorph - or plant-eater, though)

‘Jurassic Park’ Images, Details Revealed By Game Informer
No recap: just pictures of the game!

I guess there's a new Jurassic Park game, but I have to think that this is old hat. What are you adding to the game to make revisiting the movie (the 18-year-old movie) cool? What are you going to add that wasn't added in the sequel, and the sequel's sequel?

Saturday Art: Twentieth Century Dinosaurs
Some impressive metal sculptures of dinosaur skeletons. Lookin' good! They were made by Jim Gary in Monmouth Country, New Jersey.

'Terra Nova' Not Plagued By Cost Overruns
Reporters describe the series having an 'Avatar' visual feel

Recap: Fox is ready to give a sneak peek at its new series "Terra Nova" in May.

Peter Rice, Fox's entertainment chair, told the Television Critics Association tour last week that "Terra Nova" is expensive, but it's on budget. In fact, it's so expensive, Fox ordered 13 episodes right out the gate, to try and spread those costs out.

Seeing some clips of "Terra Nova," TheWrap reported that the visual aspect of "Terra Nova" rivals that of James Cameron's masterpiece "Avatar." And it should be -- the pilot reportedly cost $20 million, six times a typical episode.

From Steven Spielberg, "Terra Nova" transports about 1,000 families from a dying future Earth to prehistoric Earth, 85 million years in the past. The idea is to rebuild civilization, even if it's in the midst of dinosaurs and the like.

The show stars Jason O'Mara from ABC's "Life on Mars" as well as an "Avatar" actor himself, Stephen Lang.

Fox hopes "Terra Nova" will become the new "Lost." It has put former "Star Trek: Voyager" and "FlashForward" showrunner Brannon Braga in charge, and hopes the May 23 preview will whet the appetite for an even bigger fall premiere.

Producers have made it clear, they are not sticking to your typical Jurassic Park style dinosaurs. In fact, they plan on creating some of their own, banking on the fact that it's possible we haven't found the fossils for every creature that lurked on Earth millions of years ago.


Crispin Zeeman said...

Great shot of the Eodromaeus head. Where did this image come from? Can you link me to the source/photographer?


Crispin Zeeman

Rogers said...

Hi Crispin, check this link for the image: (not sure who has ownership rights, though)