Monday, April 11, 2011

First round match ups

Looking forward to the first round of the playoffs - I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm sure going to enjoy following long. Should be awesome.

Eastern Conference:
Washington (1) vs. New York (8). I like big star power, strong offense and awesomeness. The Rangers don't have this - and i don't like Lunqvist either. he's a great goalie, but I don't trust him to do anything about winning in the playoffs. I'm going for the big names in Washington to win: Ovechkin, Semin, Green, Arnott, and Backstrom. Way more into those players than NY's Dubinsky and Callahan - and has Gaborik ever done anything in the playoffs?

Philadelphia (2) vs. Buffalo (7). Again, going with the star players. I really like Danny Briere on Philly, and Pronger. Giroux, Carter, Richards, Leino and I even like hartnell and Carcillo (of course Boynton is on the team again, too). Buffalo has Miller. So what?

Boston (3) vs. Montreal (6). I've got to say Boston has the best chance here. I like Chara, he's bad-ass. I would love to see Tim Thomas do well, also. I like those guys way better than any of the guys on Montreal (except for Camalleri). Carey Price is cool, and him winning lots of games is nice, but ... Montreal is only fun to watch to see what the fans will burn after a win of any kind. They act like it's a G8 summit meeting when they win Game 2. Insane.

Pittsburgh (4) vs. Tampa Bay (5). Pittsburgh is missing all their cool star players - they should be happy to be in the playoffs. I think it's a long series, but if you ask me, I want to see Stamkos, Lecavalier, St. Louis, Hedman and Rolosson kick ass - even Kubina would be fun to watch. I'd love to see Tampa go deep - much rather watch that then a starless Penguins team.

Western Conference:
Vancouver (1) vs. Chicago (8). The Blackhawks aren't the champs from last year - even though they've got cool players, I'm not routing for them under any circumstance unless Kane shaves a mullet into his hair again. Therefor, it's gotta be the Canuks. I want them to go deep, all the way. I like the Sedins, I like the third line, I like the second line, I like the defense and the goalie. Go Vancouver - all the way.

San Jose (2) vs. Los Angeles (7). .... um. San Jose, I guess. LA's Drew Doughty is cool, and Brown and Simmonds are cool, but ... LA's not cool. San Jose isn't either, but Marleau, Thornton, Heatley, Pavekski, Couture (sp?) and the Ryan Clowe

Detroit (3) vs. Phoenix (6). Gotta go with Detroit - they've basically got every teams' number in the playoffs, and Phoenix is no exception. Luckily I won't have to watch a single second of this series.

Anaheim (4) vs. Nashville (5). The Ducks cranked their way into the fourth overall spot in the western conference out of nowhere. They are rockin' and Nashville ... do they even have a team? Who's on it? I've heard of Shea Weber, but beyond that? Anybody? Do they still have Zidlicky? Does that matter? I'm picking Anaheim - they're WAY more fun to watch.

Alrighty ! Those are my picks.

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