Friday, April 1, 2011

No joke

I was kind of proud of this the other day - I was almost of gas, but was kind of looking around for a good price earlier this week. Anyhow, on the way home from work I had a particular station in mind, so I just drove there.

When I finished filling up I had pumped 69.716 litres into the tank. I can only imagine that it's a 70-litre tank, so ... that's cutting it close!

For the record, I have run out of gas on the way to a gas station before.

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legs said...

I almost ran out this morning. Drove just over 50 kms on the "low gas" warning.

Alright...just ran out to my car...

Put in 59.235L and had over 660 Kms on that tank.

I thought I only had a 55L tank....guess its 60L.

Also...gas was $1.207/L

For the record...never ran out of gas before. Almost today!