Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An aching weekend

I'll have to get some pictures of this up soon - but last weekend I installed some new patio stones at the front of the house, and frankly, my body was obliterated for almost 24 hours after that.

I wanted to extend the stones a little up the side of the drive way - for my own personal taste, and to have the extension match our existing patio stones, I figured I'd have to buy about 14 new stones and remove the existing ones. This wasn't all for lost, because the nine existing stones could be reused at the side of the house where we have these gates on a muddy slant.

So, the idea was to install the new stones, extend the front walk, and reallocate the old stones to the sides of the house. Pretty straight forward.

I hadn't counted on the stones to each weigh 100 lbs.

I knew it was going to be rough work, but I didn't think that I'd have to go out and pick up 1,400 lbs of patio stones from the Rona, unload 1,400 lbs from the car (it took two trips to spare the shocks), then exhume 900 lbs of stones from the front yard, move 600 lbs of stones to the back of the lot, and install the 1,300 of the 1,400 lbs of stones from the garage into the front walkway.

By about mid-afternoon - that was about all I had left in me to do. I had a gatorade and a sit down. There wasn't a lot left in the tank. I was still stiff and aching on Monday, but a bit of stretching today and things are pretty much back to regular.

In any case - I've felt a great deal of lethargy lately, and I don't want to really do anything. But with an upcoming ball season, a new season on the fairways and the sunny weekends returning, I'm certain that the energy and enthusiasm will come back.

Until then - the lawn might just have to fair for itself until I get back ...

but seriously, I can't get the lawnmower started after the winter break. Any tips out there?


legs said...

Life lesson of the day...

Stone is heavy.

Now, I basically am not mechanically inclined at all so as for the lawn mower if you "winterized" it in the fall then after putting new gas in the tank then it should start fine.

Try new gas if you have not already. Remember to choke. Maybe sit it out in the sun for a bit to loosen all the oil up inside??

pull, pull and pull.


Rogers said...

I got the mower running, but prob won't do anything with it until Friday (day off) anyhow. Which is good.

In the mean time, I've got a lot of weeds to pull!