Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baseball season begins tomorrow!

I have missed playing baseball for a long time! Last summer after my wife and I moved to Port Perry, we were without a baseball team which was really too bad. I got myself a bit too interested in golf to try and entertain myself without it. That was 2010.

The summer before that we moved to Peterborough after a strike in Windsor that cancelled our entire season the summer before, which was the worst reason to not play baseball ever. It was infuriating, really. That was 2009.

The last time we played a game was the playoffs of the year before that on the Labour Day weekend. So how long is that?

It's May 2011, the Windsor strike was the summer of 2009, believe it or not- meaning we haven't played softball since ... oh man, August of 2008. Can that be right? It's almost unbelievable it's been so long.

I think we did play one game last year as substitutions, but that was it. One baseball game since August 2008. It's going to be RUSTY.

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