Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue Rodeo

Saw Blue Rodeo on Friday night. I was a little leery of going, because I don't know a lot of Blue Rodeo songs, but of course their biggest hits are really great, so I was going to be happy to hear those.

We got there, waited quite a while for the band, and then they stormed out with 5 Days in May, it was about 8 minutes long, had two solos (one on the piano, and then another on the guitar) and it totally rocked. I was really blown away.

They wasted no time, segueing into Hasn't Hit Me Yet, which requires a bit of a tangent. To open the set, the MC introduced Blue Rodeo by asking: Who do you want? a couple times, with a muddled slurry of responses that didn't resemble "Blue Rodeo" even if you were trying really hard to try and hear that.

Yet, the stage lights clearly indicated that the audience was to sing the opening verse to Hasn't Hit Me Yet, which they did with medical precision. It was kind of surprising that the crowd was able to succeed in this, when they'd failed so greatly in simply saying the band's name.

In any case, they were fantastic. The song had a day-long solo as well, rocking all the way. It was loud, it was awesome, and full of energy. They did great. ...

BUT after opening with basically the only two songs they have that I wanted to hear, I feared that they would progress into all their songs I've never heard before, with equally long solos to bridge between choruses of tunes that didn't ever even make the radio.

I was right. Luckily, with the wristband, you could leave and walk around the quiet town (what with everyone in the local arena - the type that has bleachers on one side, and that's about it - it was quite pleasant going for a stroll).

In the end, they wrapped up with Lost Together, pulling the opening band up on stage with them, so there were 9 band members going at it, and it was well done. The bookend songs were really nice, and all that unfamiliar country jamming filled the middle (which, obviously, isn't my idea of great).

but it was alright.

I imagine this would be what it's like to watch Econoline Crush headline an event.

For the record, Better Off As We Are plagiarizes 867-5309 almost note-for-note. Seriously.

On a less important note:
Lead singer Jim Cuddy bears a remarkable resemblance to University of Windsor president Alan Wildeman.

Switch the hair and tie around, and you've got doppelgangers.


legs said...

Apples and Oranges..

Really Econoline Crush..

Blue Rodeo: 24 X Platinum in sales
51 singles
32 on charts

Almost all of it from Canada only

Econoline Crush: 1 X platinum
2 singles
2 on charts


867-5309 :

Intro Guitar 1: (played through most of the song)

Intro Guitar 2: (after 1st riff plays twice)

Better off as we were:

Em. . . c . . . G . . . D . .

The Chorus is G F C x3


Just not your cup of tea. Its a totally different genre then you enjoy. I love fiddle solos with a band! haha.


Rogers said...

Econoline Crush = Blue Rodeo in that I only really enjoy two of their songs. The rest just aren't familiar enough for me.

And trust me - I mentioned the Tommy Two Tone thing to like two people around me and they were sure Blue Rodeo was covering 867-5309 until they started singing.

It may not be the same chords, but it's the same chord progression, perhaps? They sure sound similar.