Monday, May 2, 2011

Round two picks

This is a little late, but it's still what I picked.

Eastern Conference:
Boston vs. Philadelphia. I pick Philadelphia. yeah it doesn't look very good right now ... with Pronger out and nothing but colour commentators in net, but I'm still hoping Philly can return to form before much longer to make a series out of it.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay. I like Tampa Bay and I wouldn't mind seeing them go to the next round, but I'm waiting for Washington to win the series. It seems stupid to pick Washington now, especially after they've lost the first two games on the road, but the series isn't over. This is the exact same thing that happened to the Bruins before they won the first round, so let's wait and see what happens.

It seems more likely to have a Boston v. Tampa conference finals, but I'm still routing for Caps v. Flyers.

Western Conference:
San Jose vs. Detroit. Not only does SJ look good, but also I would pick them to win this series. I still hate everything about Detroit, and especially because it's so close to Windsor. Take that you stinky Michigan-touchers. If the Red Wings need a prayer, they should disable Zetterberg. They're winless with him, and undefeated without him.

Vancouver vs. Nashville. Nashville has looked awful, the only thing that looks good about them is their goalie. However, apparently Vancouver is playing down at their level, because they can't seem to score any goals either. But I'm still picking Vancouver - those guys can't continue to suck for much longer, can they?

So - the conference finals will be San Jose vs. Vancouver and we'll watch no games because they'll all start at 10 p.m. which sucks shit. Then Washington vs. Philadelphia, which should be a testy, talented fight.

Cool playoffs so far.

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