Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Workin' from the porch

My job has a lot of advantages - I was slaving away at my desk, meaning I was having a particularly productive time, when I realized I had almost everything I needed done for the day, except for the finishing step of actually writing all my notes into stories.

I also had the luxury of knowing what my obligations for the next day were going to be - so I set up tomorrow's interviews, and got two interviews for tomorrow done in my notes - then I packed up my notes for today's stories and my recorder, and went home.

I've been typing away in the shade on my porch in what is a beautiful, mild, breezy day (right beside my personal coffee maker, so I can have some fresh brew any time). The day's duties were basically complete, and I have the great fortune of being flexible in where my work is actually completed.

This is really nice ... and I totally got to drive home in off-peak hours for traffic (not that there's a lot of traffic out here anyhow).

Very nice, all in all, way to wrap up May. Thanks for all the rain, but I'm quite happy now to have the fine summer weather with us.

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