Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's cool being back into ball season. My only issue's been I've had a really inconvenient sore muscle that acts up whenever I run - which is only when I'm playing baseball. It's really sore, like a bad muscular rip on the top of left leg. I don't know exactly what muscle it is, but it really sucks.

yesterday was no exception, it felt really sore after my first at bat, which is too bad. Incidentally, it was a triple, which was cool. That was two consecutive triples in a row, after a lead-off triple in the game before.

so far we've got two wins and one loss, all close games, which is great, considering rumour has it the ball club got thumped every game last year. My wife and i are making a big difference on the team, I think. The league is totally different from leagues we've played in before, but that's ok, too.

I'm still getting used to the batting, the pitching and the way the ball moves around ( I think it's a really soft core ball, it dips after you hit it, losing velocity faster than my dad loses his pants after a long day at work).

It's good to be playing again, and if last week is any indication, it looks like our offense is picking up. A few players seemed to be missing their pitches and having trouble getting around on the ball, but last night the bats came alive a bit more, which is great.

Here's hoping for a great long season!

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