Saturday, June 11, 2011

Important anniversaries

As my wife and I are in Windsor to witness the marriage of a couple friends - it reminds me also that today is a very important anniversary.

On June 11, 1993 (18 years ago) one of the most important films of its generation was release.

Jurassic Park was the modern day Star Wars, changing how special effects were done, and the lengths by which a film would go to make what occured on the screen as believable as possible.

Plus, it reinvigorated interest and enthusiasm in dinosaurs for a long while. Two years after the movie's release, the popularity of the film and its villains (the Veliciraptors) the newest NBA team at the time, in Toronto, named their franchise in the film's honour.

You can tell that it wasn't Toronto's love of the species, Velociraptor, but they specifically used Jurassic Park's nic-name for the animal, to many creationists' displeasure. (Also see: Wizards)

So here's to Jurassic Park. My anniversary with Jurassic Park is June 13 when Jesse Moriarty (not sure what name he's using these days) saw it with my dad. I remember being so scared by the beginning when the technicians were mauled by a raptor and Muldoon ordered everyone to "shoot heeerr." Very cool.

My dad snored through the movie.

It was still cool.

(I'm disappointed Google hasn't made a special name-plate for Jurassic Park today)

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