Monday, June 20, 2011

Who will be the new Leafs?

Looking forward to the next exciting part of the NHL season, (during the off-season) when we get to see which players the GMs will select in the entry draft.

This year is especially interesting because we'll find out if Burke will make a move to move up in the draft, which he says he'd like to do, but we'll see if he's able to do it. If he wants in the top 5 of the draft, he'd have to move picks. Realistically, for picks or prospects, I don't think anyone in the Top 5 are really interested in trading any players.

(though it's being reported that Ryan Smyth wants to be traded back to Edmonton - would Edmonton give up the first overall pick to have Smyth back? ???)

The NHL has a neat post about the top players drafted in each position in the first round, which is certainly worth a skim.

But it exposes quite the conundrum for the Maple Leafs, and here's why. The Leafs have the 25th and 30th overall selections. The best choice that was ever made at the 25th spot was .... Mark Howe. Brendan Morrow is the runner up, with Greg Nemisz (whom I've personally interviewed when he drafted as a youngster before joining the Spitfires).

At 30th overall the greatest player ever drafted was ... Randy Carlyle, followed by runner-up Patrice Brisebois.

Yikes. The odds of a great draft choice is pretty low, which is greatly unfortunate.

For the record, today - the Maple Leafs fired the greatest nose in hockey, and Keith Acton, which ... is probably overdue. If the head coach isn't getting canned, it's likely that somebody should be fired after three consecutive awful (though hopeful) seasons.


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