Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens seems cool

When I first saw the preview for Cowboys and Aliens, and saw what Daniel Craig did to make himself fit the new role - going from a stalwart physique as James Bond to a significantly more emaciated physique for the western role, I was really shocked.

He shrank the size of his neck, somehow, to look the part, which is astonishing. (Christian Bale famously switches body-types for roles in his films, too - to some characteristic flaws, if you ask me, but he's dedicated, no doubt.)

And Sam Rockwell always creates a totally new character for each of his roles, which should go without saying, but Rockwell in particular shows yo a character in his roles that's genuinely fresh and full of depth. It's fun to see what he does with a role.

He should be great in Cowboys and Aliens, too!

But ... this brings me to Harrison Ford. Now, I really like his Han Solo, and I really like his Indiana Jones. He's a fine actor, but ... frankly Jones and Solo aren't really all that different. One wears a hat, the other drives the Millennium Falcon. They're very much the same character - and honestly, beyond simply growing older, Ford hasn't changed his look for any of his roles.

(he kinda looks like a young Chevy Chase in this one)

I know God only gave him one face - but a little range would be nice. Seems like changing roles is basically like changing his hat. One hat for Indy, cowboy hat means he's a cowboy today, and no hat means he's a doctor (Dr. Richard Kimble) or a space pilot.

It's like the band Everclear. Their singles pretty much sound the same, or distinctly similar. Lucky for them, it also sounds good. Harrison Ford is in a similar role in many of his films - which has been advantageous, because he played Han Solo three times in the 70s, and then Indiana Jones spanned through three decades in the same role.

After seeing what Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell have done in their past, without half as much fanfare as Ford, it'd nice to see Harrison do something totally different. Look at what Robert Deniro has done with himself!

Then again, I'm not certain Harrison Ford has much of a sense of humour (and a difficult interview).

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