Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Has 2011 been odd to anyone else?

I can remember back to grade whatever (I think it was Grade 2 or 4) but I remember writing the date on the top of my papers. Mille-neuf-cent, quatre-vent dix-huit, which is French for 1998, I'm certain of it. (French counts in some archaic way where four-20s and 18 means 98 instead of just saying "88" like a g--damned human being - thanks French folks)

In any case ... it's in '98 that I became cognizant of what year it was, which was never tremendously important at any point, and really isn't that important today. I still recall things from my past in relation to what grade I was in at school, of what year I was in at University. As we move forward after going through the education process, it'll be interesting to see what the yardsticks are in the future.

Putting that aside - I guess what I'm getting at is, every time the calendar turned over in January and we entered a new year, it was like we were entering into the future. For two months I'd still write "2008" when it was already "2009" and think to myself, "Wow, I can't believe it's 2009 already."

I don't know if other people go through this or not - but it always happened to me. I was always caught thinking that the year I was in was so current and ahead of its time that it was hard to keep up. I seemed to be always trying to keep up with the times, and was astonished with the decade, century and year we were in at that moment, only getting comfortable with it in time for the year to change again.

But 2011 has been something of an anomaly for me, and I have no idea why. Frankly, 2011 seems passe, out of date, and out of touch. Hell, it should still be 2010, if you ask me, there's been nothing significant or interesting, nothing progressive or important, nothing fresh or exciting about 2011 like there has been in years before.

I almost feels like it's been 2012 for six months, and 2011 is way behind us.

... I don't even know what I'm trying to say, but this year seems to be lacking in the things that made the years before exciting and vibrant. 2011 has been like watching "Back to the Future" and realizing that we don't have hover boards, or like watching "The Jetsons" knowing we'll never have space cars that fold into suitcases.

Through all our history we were raised believing there was an unlimited potential to the future, and in the past two-to-five years we've been dealing and negotiating the consequences of that mentality with over population, pollution and "the tipping point" that we've "theoretically" already past.

2011 just hasn't had a personality of its own, it hasn't had any promise, and it feels like its behind the times and out of date before it's even half over.

or maybe I'm completely nuts. I mean, what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things what year it is? And perhaps that's the oddest part of it all - up until 2011, the year we were living in felt exciting and progressive, while 2011 already feels dull, like it doesn't hold any significance, like it doesn't matter.

When I write the date, I'd almost prefer to be mistakenly be scrawling 1998 all over again - I don't even know how to say 2011 in French. Deux-mille cent, onze?

Am I nuts?

and I would totally call it "Cao Cao, the Chow Chow," for the record.

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