Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Friday night, it's 1 a.m., it's CHCH tv

Alrighty, Frank D'Angelo - I'm willing to give your show a bit of a chance - I wonder, what on earth would make you think that you should have your own television show. The only airtime you ever received was when you paid for it for apple juice commercials and after that, commercials for energy drinks.

I have to admit, when I saw that you were selling a CD to raise funds for ... was it Katrina, or Haiti? I can't remember - but it was really awkward. It's like, ... you basically pay to put yourself on TV.

WAIT - your show is on now!

Looks like his show is hosted at Copps Coliseum, or in Hamilton, at least.

Wait - he's in the MMA ring? They don't show how that turns out.

He brought Luca Caputi onto the show, looking for some "Star Power" from the Leafs for his own means, and then treats him like his television persona isn't good enough for his show - not cool, if you ask me. Not everybody can be "Frank D'Angelo," buddy.

In some shots while he's interviewing people, he's got the Cheetah Power Surge promotional advertising in the background. It's so obvious that it's embarrassing.

.... after quite a bit of the show, it seems a whopping amount of it is MMA wrestling, with cutaway shots of Frank "liking it." So Frank's basically trying to use the fame and popularity of MMA to make his show popular - I don' t think it's going to work.

Perhaps if he can make some sketches with hilarious characters in them?

WAIT - after the commercial break, he's cooking spinach rapini? Wait! that was a commercial for D'Angelo brand rapini, "look for it in your super market."

This show is terrible. It's like an Avril Lavigne video, except instead of a blonde (if she's actually blonde) sellout, it's a 50-year-old dummy who wishes he was a popular celebrity.


More MMA - with Frank watching. What a great show!

Then he gets in the ring with one of the fighters and they show him throwing a few punches - and they don't show the guy thumping him pretty regularly - and then the show's over, and a voice over names all of Frank's products.

Who does he think he is? Paul Newman?

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Anonymous said...

Great review! Frank is a great canadian narcissistic psychopath with delusions of grandeur