Saturday, July 23, 2011

Voltron in October

My wife got this new Sonic the Hedgehog game, and it's kind of awful, and she was having a lot of trouble with the controls - so I asked her what the reviews were on the game before she bought it. Uh oh, she hadn't checked, just trusted that the Sonic creators wouldn't release a bad game on the popular brand ....

in any case, I looked it up and found that the game receive a mediocre 7.0, with especial concern going to the very difficult controls (so a lesson learned there). HOWEVER, I started looking at other games coming out only to discover Voltron: Defender of the Universe is due out in October!

Is this awesome?

... Doesn't look too awesome. However, I was impresed and pleased to see that the 80s-voice-actor / legend Peter Cullen who has been performing the voice of Optimus Prime for 30 years was also in Voltron, which is cool. (That might be the last cool part about it, though).

When you're the tigers, you're just running around shooting lasers at lots of little badguys that are so small you can't distinguish them from the landscape, and when you're Voltron, it almost looks like a crappy turn-based fighting platform you might find in Final Fantasy II, so not too impressive.

What disappoints me even more, is that it's hardly even an official release. It's available for $10 for download. You're much more likely to find better games with more engaging environments and battles on the Nintendo DS or PSP than you are with this game.

Kind of disappointing.

But while searching for more work of Peter Cullen, I browsed through some Youtube videos and found that a few Voltron videos are up in their entirety.

Check out episode one:

I always liked the theme song. It sounds familiar to a sound bite that AM 640 uses (or maybe it's 680?).

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