Friday, July 1, 2011

Winnipeg is like Kazhakstan: Antropov

It's my second annual Canada Day in Port Perry, and I was excited once again to see Mr. Nik Antropov stomping around in the fish tournament.

Last year he was unshaven and wearing a grey Atlanta Thrashers hoodie, but not this year. The announcer there asked him what his thoughts were on moving from hot Atlanta to a colder climate in Winnipeg.

Antropov answered that his hometown (in Kazakhstan) has a very similar climate, so he'll feel at home there. Frankly, Winnipeg has now been compared to Kazakhstan, so take that Winnipeg! Suckas.

Nik didn't have his false teeth in while fishing his year, so he had quite the field goal between his lips.

This is literally Alexei Ponikarovski agreeing to a $1.5 million contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. I have a photo of him becoming a millionaire all over again, which is pretty cool. The deal was reported on at 4:26 p.m., and we saw him around 3:45ish, so there's a very good chance this is what he's doing on the phone here.

It just goes to show, you can be in the Afghanistan or Port Perry and still get a deal done, which is good to know. Tim Brent was supposed to be there, and Justin Peters was there, too - meaning that Peters would have been the first to congratulate his new teammates on their contracts. Except I didn't see Brent, but that doesn't matter.

Here's James Neal, who was traded to Pittsburgh from Dallas for Goligoski at the deadline. The announcer kept asking these hockey players which they like better: fishing or hockey. Why on earth would a pro-NHLer find fishing so much better than playing hockey?

And there was an obvious distinction between the physique required of a professional hockey player vs. that of a pro fisherman.

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Still tired in Woodview said...

More exciting when they were Leafs.

What a difference a year makes!