Monday, August 29, 2011

Maury Povich is ridiculous

I don't know how he's lasted on the air while never changing his premise - Oprah went through many incarnations before retiring, Montell Williams a swell. Not that I've watched a lot of this stuff, but jeez, Povich remains the lowest common denominator of all humanity.

Divide by any lower and the result is undefined.

I was absolutely mesmerized by the first 20 minutes of his show after work today ... until I saw a recruitment commercial for an upcoming episode.

He looks like a pre-op Murphy from Robocop.

Maury Povich 2.0

Today's question was: Are you desperate to get pregnant and you don't care what anyone thinks? Call us: Call (888) 456-2879

How can I get a job pursuing my true calling - finding people who are desperate to get pregnant and they don't care what anyone says.

On his website you can download Maury Ringtones, too. Awesome.


Cara said...

this post is great.
i had to read it once i saw your title for it...
this is a new post style for you... no dinosaurs? or sports? lol...

i always wondered if they paid people to be on the shows or if people who call that number really exist and are that ridiculous.

ps im a sucker for the paternity test ones... sooooo much suspence...

"Jamal you are...... NOT the father!"

Cara said...

ps i started a new blog and kicked my old one to the curb.