Friday, August 12, 2011

Some places where you can go to find dinosaurs and be entertained, if you'd like. First off is the"Tree of Life" movie review. As far as I've heard, Brad Pitt is in it ... don't know the first thing as to what it's about.

Check Out a Dinosaur from Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life
by Christopher Rosen

Oh, The Tree of Life — you confounding mystery, you! The latest bit of marketing wizardry from the long-awaited Terrence Malick film (which is set to debut at the Cannes Film Festival in May) has arrived online, and it’s a crystal clear look at one of the apparent dinosaurs in the film. Hey, at least it’s not another shot of that baby foot? Click ahead to have your mind blown, then stick around for more Buzz Break.
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Wednesday Comics Review: Uncanny X-Force 8 And Super Dinosaur 1
Rich Johnston

You see, I fell for the cover, the image, the high concept, the first few previewed pages. That this was a silly, all ages, over the top, Axe Cop style adventure with talking humanised dinosaurs fighting other dinosaurs, possibly robots and throwing in more and more silliness. When that’s just the cover story. We’ve seen this before, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a great example, the title and high concept hiding what’s actually going on.

And at the heart of Super Dinosaur is family. Firstly we see one child holding his on very peculiar family dynamic together, which is then threatened by the introduction of another family with their own nuclear dynamic that exposes his own creation for the fraud that it’s become.

Some creators are known for wearing their family values on their sleeve, such as Mark Waid and Alan Davis, very visibly integrating it into the high concept of their work. But Robert Kirkman here has hidden it under the bizarre images of a Tyrannosaurus Rex operating giant robot missile-laden arms. And that’s still all there. But at its heart, this is a drama about two entwined families dealiong with all manner of antagonists. And it’s so much deeper and richer for it.
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The Greatest Dinosaurs in Comic Books
Chris Sims

Recently, Robert Kirkman and Jason Howard released the first issue of their all-new Super Dinosaur, where the creative team behind The Astounding Wolf-Man reunite to add robot arms, rocket launchers and shoulder-mounted laser guns to the grand and wonderful pantheon of comic book thunder lizards.

And what a pantheon it is. While they've never had quite the enduring popularity in comics that was enjoyed by gorillas, there have been plenty of super-villain and super-hero sauropods running around in comics over the years. That's why today, we're figuring out just what Super Dinosaur's up against in the lizardy legacy by running down a few of Comics' Greatest Dinosaurs!
  • Ryan North's appropriately titled Dinosaur Comics
  • Ninjasaur
  • Stegron the Dinosaur Man (no link available)
  • Godzilla (no link - but he battle Charles Barkley, which is kind of bad-ass)
  • Sauron (from X-Men)
  • Grimlock (from Transformers.. Robots who turn into cars or planes and fight over crystals or whatever? Eh. Robot who turns into a Tyrannosaurus and only wants to smash everything? Yes. - Sims comments, not mine)
  • Tyrannosaurus Reich
  • Dr. Dinosaur
  • Devil Dinosaur
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